Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Stonehenge rocks (as does the rest of Southern England)

We're finally in London! The city is crazy, but we have some extraordinary sites in plan. The last few days we've covered quite a bit of Southern England. Here are some brief highlights.
Shakespeare Day:

Today we visited Shakespeare's birth place...

...and Anne Hathaway's cottage.

Shakespeare had so much influence on our modern world and it was amazing to see where his legacy began.

We spent a few more hours in Stratford meandering through the shops. Many of the shops were Shakespeare themed in some way or another. The shopt that produced the lovely picture below was called Much Ado About Toys!
On Monday we went to Oxford and explore the city. We started off with punting. Yes, punting. These flat boats are popular among the college students of the city. So we thought we'd give it a go. We went around in circles a few times.

We also went stopped by the Eagle and Child pub, which is where the greats C.S. Lewis and J.R.R Tolkein used to hang out.


The Roman Baths were extraordinary to see. These ruins were hidden under the city for years.

We also went to Jane Austen's house and had delightful afternoon tea.

And this guy had a totally cool contraption that played the guitar while he played the violin. It was awesome.

Today was a traveling day, but we made an important stop to the Stonehenge. We went on an audio tour that explains as much as can be explained about the ancient site.

Hampton Court Palace Gardens:

We made a quick stop to the beatiful gardens of Henry VIII.

Madame Toussaud's:
Our first stop in the great city of London was Madame Tousaud's Wax Museum. Needless to say, we all will have very interesting Facebook profile pictures.

Tomorrow we start of with the Tower of London. Our biggest challenge will be negotiating the London Tube. See you all soon!


  1. So glad to have you back with us ... we have missed your blogs. Enjoy London, it is an amazing city that never lacks adventure. Hope you get a chance to blog and post pictures before you head home.

    Next stop PDX :)

  2. We're so envious!!! To be where C.S. Lewis and Tolkein were - amazing! Did you see where John Wycliffe lived in Oxford? We still can't get over the weather you're having. It's terrible where we are - rain for 3 weeks! And Jeremy, you look so proper drinking your tea!!! Did you add milk? Enjoy the Tower - just don't stay there. Luv you, Mom and Dad

  3. Vanessa! Float like a butterfly....sting like a bee!!!!!