Sunday, May 16, 2010

Goodbye Ireland, Hello Shakespeare

By Jeremy McCamish

I am sorry I have not posted in awhile, but internet time is limited and we have to be fair in giving everyone a chance to use the one computer that we have. Well we left Ireland a few days ago which was extremely sad for me. Before leaving though I was able to get all my gift shopping done for the whole family, and a few things for a special someone :). I loved the beauty that Ireland showed me, but I have to admit that I wish that we had ended with it instead of England. The one amazing piece of England that gives me goosebumps was seeing the grave of William Shakespeare and his family at the Trinity Church in Stratford. It was very amazing to see it and to see Anne Hathaway's Cottage where Shakespeare's kids were raised. We also saw the house that Shakespeare was raised in, the house of his father John Shakespeare the Glove maker. Seeing these bits and pieces of Shakespeare's life is amazing and I wish Amy was with me hear to appreciate it. Tomorrow we are off to Oxford, I am sorry to say this but I don't have any pictures because I ran out of room on my card from Ireland and those pictures are more important to me. I miss my family and friends very much but most of all I miss Amy. I love you all. I'll write again when I can.

Love, Jeremy McCamish

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  1. Love all the pictures and blog Jeremy. We miss you bunches and find ourselves envious of all you have been able to see! But we're so glad you are able to be there though. The weather report today looked good for England and not so good for Ireland, so actually you left at a good time. Enjoy the rest of your trip. Can't wait to hear about it when we talk to you next. Luv, Mom and Dad