Friday, May 7, 2010

The Other Side of Dublin

For the past couple days we had only seen a little bit of Dublin, but today we got to see a whole new part of Dublin. We started near our hotel at Parnell Square in the Garden of Remembrance where we saw a beautiful fountain and a statue depicting the Children of Lear being chased by the swans. This story is told in old Irish Mythology of the Tuatha De Dannan. On our bus tour we saw many different statues and amazing sites. One amazing statue of Oscar Wilde using different types of stones to make him look as realistic as possible. We saw the Christ Church Cathedral and the St. Patrick's Cathedral, and we actually got to go into the St. Patrick's Cathedral and see the amazing sculptures and stained glass windows. We learned that the Guinness Family donated alot of money to the town and actually donated for the restoration of the St. Patrick's Cathedral as well as many other parts of Dublin. The Cathedral's were originally Catholic but at the time that Oliver Cromwell came and killed many of the Catholics they changed to Anglican. The St. Patrick's Cathedral was beautiful but by far my favorite site to see was the Book of Kells at Trinity College. We got to see the beautiful artistry of what was in the Book of Kells and the symbolism of all that was in it. Trinity College itself was amazing but the Book of Kells was beautiful and amazing and it definitely made me proud to have roots in Ireland. To all my Family and Friends and my love Amy, I miss you and definitely wish you were here with me throughout this experience.
Love, Jeremy Alistair McCamish

The Stained Glass Window at the front of the St. Patrick's Cathedral
In the middle is St. Patrick

Inside the campus of Trinity College


  1. Thanks for the updates, every day I log on to see if there is a new post. We thoroughly enjoy reading about your adventures. Your writing is to descriptive and inspirational ... looking forward to your next post. Tell Katie hello from mom and dad!!!

  2. Thanks for the blog Jeremy. We love hearing about your trip and wish we were there with you all. Bernard told us about the beauty of the Book of Kells several years ago - would love to see it and so glad you were able to!!! The weather looked great - hope it holds for you. Let us know what you found out about our family history. Mom and Dad